With MassTrack you can review up to three months of vehicle location history online. This is more than 5 times the amount of online information that most fleet management services provide in Ghana. Online access to this historical information allows you to spend less time downloading information for your files and more time focusing on your fleet. When you need to review information on past events, it's as simple as viewing an online map or running a trip report to confirm the location of a certain vehicle or driver. Our comprehensive mapping system, powered by leading third party providers, is the best in Ghana.



Vehicles are installed with out of view immobilizing units to immobilize the vehicles when time demands. The best form of fleet management solutions is when vehicles are immobilized and recovered in times of carjacking. Out of sight is never out of mind


Mastrack solutions help you to control fuel expenses/cost. Masstrack solutions help you to know in real-time, how much fuel was filled in the tank, how much fuel has been filled, at what time was the tank filled, how much fuel has been stolen, etc. You cannot control the prices of fuel but you can control your fuel consumption and restrict drivers on how to use your vehicle in fuel more efficiently.



Improve driver safety by integrating automatic driver identification. This feature keeps track on drivers and helps to know who uses which vehicle at a particular time. It also helps to know driver behavior on all vehicles. It also helps to check unauthorized use vehicles. Drivers who do not identify themselves would not be authorized to use the vehicle.



BAID is another form of driver authorization system. This checks the breath alcohol level in drivers before they start the vehicle. When the breath alcohol level is above the threshold, the vehicle automatically immobilizes itself and that driver wouldn’t get access to any vehicle unless the the alcohol content is reduced in that driver. Masstrack is promoting, “don’t drink and drive” campaign.



Masstrack’s automatic passenger counting system counts the number of people entering and the people leaving the vehicle. This system helps to check overload of vehicle with passengers. In cases of Mass bus Transits; Masstrack’s passenger counting system integrates with the ticketing system to audit drivers and conductors on the day’s activity. Number of people entering the vehicle must be equal to the number of people leaving the vehicle



Masstrack’s into informer automatically announces the destinations to passengers boarding a vehicle. This feature helps the drivers to fully concentrate on their driving. Auto-informer also informs the passengers about the route for a particular trip. With this feature, the drivers can only park at approved bus stops.


With Masstrack’s temperature control systems, the temperature of your storage chambers remains constant and Masstrack sends alerts to the authorized/person-in-charge when a chamber records a strange temperature. Keep cold places cold and hot/warm places hot/warm


Masstrack anti-collision system is an accident preventive system.  It is always better to prevent accidents before they occur. With Masstrack’s anti-collision system, a buzzer blurs when the driver is moving close to an obstacle. Prevention is always better than cure.



  • See who’s closest
  • Determine misuse of vehicles
  • Know which driver uses a particular vehicle
  • Better predict arrival time
  • Create routes for drivers
  • Monitor vehicle movement in to and out of restricted areas
  • Know exactly when vehicles are due for servicing/maintenance
  • Improve driver safety by monitoring speed limits
  • Determine the engine hours of vehicles
  • Get a summary of the driver’s daily activities.